Brushing and Flossing in Pensacola and Pace, FL

Brushing and flossing are two of the most important things you can do to achieve a successful orthodontic outcome and have a healthy, beautiful smile. With proper brushing and flossing, you will remove the germs, bacteria, and pollutants that can disrupt the tooth enamel and surfaces. Removing these ensures that your tooth surfaces stay clean and prevents cavities and gum disease.

We recommend brushing three times daily and floss at least once. You can use an electric toothbrush or a manual one, as long as it has soft bristles. It isn’t necessarily about the brush as much as it is about the technique. Any standard soft bristle toothbrush with proper brushing technique will do the job.


Using a soft bristle toothbrush, start from the back of your mouth and work your way forward. Apply enough pressure in a circular motion so that you’re covering the entire tooth surface and the gum line. This is the same procedure for upper and lower arches, as well as the lingual, or backs of the teeth.

brushing with braces


For the flossing portion, wrap a long strand of dental floss around your pointer fingers on both hands to give you the best dexterity. Use a new section of floss between each set of teeth so you don’t pass germs from one area to the next. Glide the floss from the top most surface of the tooth all the way to the gum line.

During your braces appointment at our Pensacola or Pace orthodontic office, Dr. Brooks and our team will review proper brushing and flossing techniques and make sure you have everything you need to keep your teeth clean!

flossing with braces

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