What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Brooks and our team understand the trust is not given; it is earned. We earn the trust of our patients by taking the time to connect with them as individuals, and crafting an individualized care and treatment plan that will ensure the long-term outcomes are of the highest caliber for our patients.

Our Practice Philosophy

  • We provide highly individualized care and treatment plans that are customized to meet each patient’s unique orthodontic needs.
  • We don’t “sell” orthodontics; rather, we explain and educate about the importance of orthodontic treatment so patients can make their own decisions regarding their oral health.
  • Dr. Brooks treats patients like he would treat his own children, with patience, compassion, and respect. He and our team invest time to research, advocate, consider, and explain to best serve our patients.
  • In our family focused environment, we involve the patients and their parents, many of whom have been patients themselves.
  • Integrity is a cornerstone of our practice. We do the right thing for the patient at the right time, even if it means not “making a sale.”
  • We take a long-game approach to care, considering what is best for the patient’s long-term benefit, rather than just the immediate effects.

To us, orthodontics is about more than giving our patients a radiant, bright smile; it’s about giving them greater confidence and self-assurance that will affect them throughout their lives.

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