iTero® Element™

iTero® Element™ 5D imaging system in Pensacola and Pace, FL is the most advanced intraoral scanner to date.

You deserve the best we have to offer, which is why we have incorporated iTero Element 5D digital impressions into Brooks Orthodontics.

iTero Element 5D is the newest and greatest in digital scanning technology. With iTero, Dr. Brooks is able to scan your dental arches for numerous appliances and diagnostic exams. iTero has also allowed us to substitute digital impressions for traditional goopy dental impressions, which makes your experience much more comfortable.

iTero works with a single-handed wand that uses scanning technology to take a picture of the teeth. The wand takes a succession of rapid images to create a digital image of the dental arch in live time. You can immediately see this image when the scan is complete. The scan is painless and can be completed in seconds.

iTero Digital Impressions vs Conventional Impressions

  • You avoid a mouth full of dental alginate.
  • The iTero wand doesn’t need to go as far back into the mouth, which reduces any gag reflex.
  • iTero digital impressions do not take as long as traditional impressions.
  • Digital impressions can be used for traditional braces and Invisalign® clear aligners.
  • iTero imaging is the newest in dental technology and creates efficiency that is unmatched.

Our goal is for you feel like family from your first step through the doors of our Pensacola or Pace orthodontic offices—and family deserves our best! While you’ve always counted on receiving friendly service, the best in dental technology, and results that are objectively seen, you can now take advantage of iTero—the icing on the cake of your orthodontic experience!

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